We are Farm Link

Exporter of the best Fresh Produce from the Salad Bowl of Europe

At Farm Link we are exporters and marketers of the best fruit and vegetables from our farmers across Europe. We work hand in hand with producers in Spain, where the most impressive fresh produce on the continent is grown.

We put at your service all our experience and knowledge acquired after many years in contact with Europe, putting ourselves in your place and offering you the best quality vegetables possible. We are a customer focused, professional, serious, responsible, international and dynamic team. Always looking for the best for you and attending to all the needs you may have in the fresh produce industry.

We take care of the entire purchase and distribution process, advising and informing you at all times, at your full disposal.

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fresh produce

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Comprhesive consultancy in sourcing management

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Exhaustive quality
control in every shipment

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Commercial routes:
United Kingdom and Europe

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Sourcing just from
the best growers

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Available for
you 24/7

Our mission

We believe in our agriculture

We directly connect the best farmers in Spain with the most demanding international clients. We have over time developed an exhaustive selection of agricultural and logistics partners.

With a careful selection of the best fruit and vegetables, based on the highest quality standards of the agri-food industry.

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Our vision

Being an international reference

Our vision is to grow into as an internationally recognized fruit and vegetable supplier. We just export and commercialize the best fruit and vegetables, increasing the value for each of the links in the distribution chain, and maximizing the benefit for our customers.

Our values

Trust is integral to our business

We stand out for our responsibility, integrity, professionalism, guarantee and commitment. We are always at your service and in direct connection with you.

We are passionate about what we do, and believe in a healthy lifestyle and fair trade.

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Certified quality

Farm Link Guarantee Seal

We are different, as we carry out our quality control and product selection during picking and packing processes, and before each load. Our professionalism and quality are backed by international certificates, complying with all industry standards.


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