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We export the best vegetables for you

At Farm Link we take care of every detail in the purchase and distribution of our products: from the selection of farmers, to quality control at origin and logistics monitoring, all the way through to delivery of the produce.

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Opening of new business opportunities

We are always looking for new and select farmers to supply you with the best product at the best price. Direct from the field to your company.

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Consultancy and availability

We inform you about the availability and prices of the products every day and all year round. We work with Program Prices for the season, as well as monthly, weekly, or daily prices. We serve you personally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Provisioning and quality control

Our products are picked, packed, cooled and shipped the same day, ensuring maximum quality and freshness. We personally choose for you the products directly from the origin. We select the best fruit and vegetables grown by the most experienced farmers.

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Commercial routes and logistics

We work with the main markets in Europe, in full trucks and groupage. We take the best fruits and vegetables from Spain to the rest of the continent, 7 days a week. Our logistics service, based on trucks monitored by GPS, always allows you to know the location and arrival time of your produce.

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Farm link